RaceChip Dealership

RaceChip Dealership

Pitstop Tyres x RaceChip | Official Dealership

Pitstop Tyres is proud to be one of the official dealers for RaceChip Singapore! 

What is RaceChip?
RaceChip is a renowned brand specializing in performance tuning solutions for a wide range of vehicles, from sporty compacts to powerful SUVs. As a pioneer in the field of electronic engine tuning, RaceChip offers an innovative plug-and-play chip that optimizes engine parameters, elevating horsepower, torque, and overall performance levels to a new high. The RaceChip device, engineered with precision and expertise, is designed to work seamlessly with your vehicle's existing engine control unit (ECU) to ensure safety, reliability, and compliance with emissions standards.

Unleash your car’s true potential with race chip - an easy way to get more without modifying your car! For turbo cars, get up to 30% more HP output and Nm torque 💨💨

- Plug & Play set-up
- Removable for any agent warranty/inspection cars
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