High Quality Rim Repairs & Resprays

Elevate your wheels to new heights! Our dedicated team of experts specializes in restoring and refinishing rims to perfection. From minor touch-ups to complete transformations, we deliver impeccable results that will leave your rims looking flawless and stylish.

  • Dismount of Rim & Tyre from Vehicle

    This allows us to press down the tyre bead for a smoother repair, and ensure that the entire area of the damage will be repaired - no short cuts!

  • Detailed Damage Assessment

    Our experienced technicians will assess the rim damage and fixability. We look out for depth of damage, paint quality, rim structural integrity and feasibility of repair.

  • Colour Matching

    We use only the finest paints for the best quality - Glasurit Paint. Glasurit is the highest tier of automotive paint attainable, with a colour database of over 200,000 colours.

Curb Rash Repair Services

Pitstop tyres offer services to restore your rims from a curb rash, scratches and other cosmetic damages. Let us help you to get your rims back onto its rightful pedestal.

Before & After

Rim Spray Painting

Your wheels are more than just a means of transportation - they're an extension of your personal style. Revamp your ride with a fresh coat of color that's sure to impress - Rim respray done right!

Watch the process!