SPH Media: MoneyFM

SPH Media: MoneyFM

Mind Your Business: TikTok and Tyres - How a female tyre-preneur broke barriers to revive her family business

Breakfast with Lynlee Foo and Ryan Huang

In this episode of Mind Your Business, we speak with a trailblazing entrepreneur who has fought stereotypes to pursue her true passion in a male-dominated automotive industry.

Cordillia Tan, Director, Pitstop Tyres shares with us the daunting task of shouldering a six-figure debt and employing innovative strategies like harnessing the power of social media to revitalise her struggling family business.

Presented by : Ryan Huang

This podcast is produced and edited by Anthea Ng (nganthea@sph.com.sg)

Do contact her for topics: C-Suite, SME, Sustainability, Property, Intergenerational Business, Industry Outlook, Fintech

For the full podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/68lxkXu8hSIXK1y8yedMhS?si=a94e20bc3a854c10

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